Please click here for an important UPDATE regarding the Healthcare Marketplace and Kaiser and Cigna Insurance

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Important UPDATE Regarding the Healthcare Marketplace and Kaiser and Cigna Insurance

January 19, 2018

Update on current events affecting our patient families:

Cigna Connect Health Insurance-Farrell and South Riding Pediatrics physicians remain unable to participate in this closed network insurance plan. We sent formal requests to participate as recommended by their physician liaison department. It will take up to 60 days to receive a response. This is a slow process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the email address located on our websites or call the South Riding Office.

Families with soon to be 18 year-olds-In accordance with HIPAA regulations, please have your 18-year-old complete and sign our Over 18 Consent Form the next time they come into the office.  By signing this form parents and/or guardians are granted access to their 18-year-old’s healthcare records, including appointment scheduling, medical and billing records, correspondence, and test results. This is required by law for you to access any information or conduct business on their behalf regarding what is now considered their private healthcare information. Just ask for a consent form when checking in at your next appointment. Thanks!

Healthcare Insurance Eligibility and Verification- Happy New Year, and with the new year comes healthcare benefits renewal and changes. We want to help our families help us by reminding them to first, always bring your insurance card to your appointment, and secondly, our office will be verifying your insurance coverage before you come into the office for your appointment. If we find the insurance is inactive or terminated due to any reason, our office representative will contact you and will ask you a few questions for clarification to complete the verification. For our HMO and Medicaid families, it is very important to list your physician from our office as your PCP. If a physician’s name from another practice appears on your card, you will not be able to be seen in our office. You are responsible for changing the PCP name before you come to the office for an appointment. Keep in mind it could take up to one month to correct the card.  Please contact our office with any questions.


Original Notice, December 15, 2017

South Riding Pediatrics and the Northern Virginia Health Exchange, and New Cigna Insurance Coverage Offered through NoVa Employers

The 2018 Exchange has significant changes for Northern Virginia residents.

In many ways these changes limit options for our patients and their families as some insurers have left the Exchange, while the two remaining plans, Kaiser and Cigna Connect do not offer South Riding Pediatrics as in-network providers.

If the Exchange insurance plan that you are considering for 2018 does not have South Riding Pediatrics as an in-network provider, you have the option to contact the insurance plan and request that we be considered an in-network provider as it could help support our request to become an in-network provider to this otherwise by invitation-only closed network. There are no out-of-network benefits available for the member.

Should the insurance plan be Cigna, the appropriate contact number is 1-877-829-9105, (8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST).

Insurance coverage provided through employers generally includes South Riding Pediatrics as in-network providers; however, another new small Cigna product, Cigna SureFit, will become available on January 1, 2018, to employers in the Northern Virginia area, and will not include South Riding Pediatrics as participating providers. This new plan requires enrolled customers to use only health care providers who participate in Cigna SureFit. This is another closed network. There are no out of network benefits available for the member.

South Riding Pediatrics is committed to meeting the healthcare access needs of our patients and their families with the physicians, and facilities you prefer. We will continue every effort to explore in-network affiliations and coverage based upon ongoing discussions with insurers.